American Blackjack Vs European Blackjack : Which Would You Choose

There are indeed so many different variants of blackjack which are all played in casinos or even on all kinds of online casino sites all around the planet. Nonetheless, most of them are indeed based on one or even two of them when it comes to the variants of the game. There are actually two main and really important ones that you should actually know about, and those would be European and American. They are both played with the same and basic rules of blackjack. It is indeed vital that players understand that the slight differences which might indeed affect the ensuing gameplay to decide which strategies that you should actually be applying indeed.

You should understand that the slight differences of European and American blackjack can help the players apply appropriate blackjack strategies when you are playing, therefore, enhancing the chances of winning. While both of the variations of the game indeed have a lot of advantages all of American rules are actually quite a bit more flexible and even actually more user-friendly which would help you increase your chances of winning. You will also have a boosted confidence because you will have started winning, and you will feel like playing more and more. That can either be construed as good or bad, and that is totally up to you.

Playing Blackjack

In American blackjack the dealer is indeed dealt 2 cards and one that is face down and the other which would be facing up. The facedown card is known as ‘hole card’. A dealer is actually allowed to peek at the card, and if the face-up card is an ace, the dealer would instantly check the hole card without anyone else seeing the card. You should also know that if the hole card causes the dealer to have a blackjack, he hand will indeed instantly end and also all the players’ bets are also collected by the dealer.

In European blackjack, there is actually no hole card. The dealer is indeed dealt one card, and that would be face up and only receives the second card after the players’ hands are actually complete. This would indeed make it impossible for the dealer to actually check for blackjack before the player indeed ends up completing his hand. A benefit that American blackjack has over European blackjack would be the hold card. It would be a serious gamble to double up against the dealers face-up ace card.

A late surrender is one option that allows players to end up conceding defeat after their initial 2 cards have been dealt. A player takes this option and loses 50% of his stake instead of the whole amount

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